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Review: Tone Troy & Max Parkinson – With Me [House]

Tone Troy is back on Purple Tea Records and brings Max Parkinson.

With or without me, you’ll love this pumping house cut from New York natives Tone Troy and Max Parkinson. The NY boys have released with labels like Toolroom, Snatch!, Nervous Records, Freakin909 and more. With so many releases, it’s no surprise that this record is my new favourite funky peak-time floor filler. Guess why I’ve put it as my go-to house song on Spotify.

“With or Without Me” on Spotify

House Music on Spotify

Tone Troy

The typical one a.m. banger, “With Me” will more than likely be your winter’s anthem. I can hear this played peak-time when the crowd is sweaty but not yet exhausted. This is what I call, an enriching piece of music – one that is made for the dancefloor. My perfect combination of a feel-good hands-up house song for the next couple of months.


“ Primed for clubland at its absolute prime, ‘With Me’ has pulsating energy from the very first bar. ”
Purple Tea Records

All the good feelings gave me some nostalgic emotions. I can say I miss summer pool parties and Sunday brunches. Tone Troy, Max Parkinson, please keep the good music coming, we need to keep the memories alive with your music. I’ve saved this house song on Spotify, and you will too.

Save this to your library and come back for more Tone Troy & Max Parkinson.

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